This game is an entry for GMTK 2017.

E to jump, R to stomp while jumping, SPACEBAR to shoot.

Spacetastic is an endless runner in which enemies approach you in a range of strategic heights and speeds. Every time you get hit you lose a life, until you die and then it is game over! In order to survive you must shoot, jump or stomp the enemies. Your analytical skills and reflexes will be tested, because each enemy has to be dealt with in different ways. Also, killing enemies in a row will award you with ammo and combos which make you stronger, and make the game go faster as you progress in your adventure. 

How does your submission match the theme? 

It matches the theme by letting different effects from a single action affect the character and the world at the same time. For example, the way you attack enemies has either three or two purposes. Stomping kills them, gives ammo and increases your combo. Shooting damages them and gives points. Failing an attack not only can result in damage, but also resets your combo.

Your points also have two purposes, to increase the speed of the enemies, which increases difficulty, and to keep track of how high a score you got! Points were also thought to be a currency, to let you purchase upgrades. Spending points would decrease the game speed, lowering difficulty. 

Third-party resources: 

Phaser(, Piskel(

Contributors: Erik (programming) and Ruth (graphics).

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